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"In most histories, the stories of those immediately preceding us are but a footnote, especially given the proximity to immediacy. When those who come look back upon this age, they may see simply the culmination of a bygone era. But for us? We live on the precipice where change has come, and I count myself fortunate to travel and witness a transition of the world we were to something greater." - Opening from "Sails and Shores", Famed Travelogue of Joan the Anducian

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The age of adventurers is over. With a new era in the making, the world scrambles to adapt to the upcoming future and with it, old traditions are cast aside, new discoveries are made, and the terrors that once left the meek quaking in their homes for shelter are now left to memory The world is more interconnected now, with the rise of representation of the masses in government, as well as the settling of the nomadic monstrous races of the orcs. The centuries of uninterrupted dynasties have come to a crashing halt amidst a revolution of civil rights as the common-folk demand better standards from the aristocracy. Only in the Crownlands do kings and queens still hold sway, and only by bringing the might of the Coalition of Crowns to bear against those that would end their legacy.

Industry and economy have marched on, with the introduction of mass enchanting, magic finally finds itself in the hands of everyday folk, acting as the final great equalizer. Living standards have improved as magic is turned toward industry and development, great leaps of invention are managed under the funding of the great banking houses. But as things are used for good, so is widespread magic turned toward war. Mass-produced battlestaves, wands and warding charms, while lacking the permanency and reliability of hand-crafted artifice allow nations to equip massed levies with cheap, powerful, and simple to use equipment, changing the art of war forever.

With the boom of industry, comes a rise in exploration as borders expand. Nations can finally stabilize in the face of threats, and land is needed. The great frontiers are being settled, often by those outcast by society. The Orcs have turned themselves to this with great zeal, establishing large frontier communities, and turning toward a society of agriculture and ranching. Though they are neighborly and welcoming to strangers, those that would threaten their homes and honour will soon find themselves drawing wands at high noon. The world is smaller now, with formerly isolated communities finding themselves butting up against their growing neighbors, isolation is no longer an option for folk like the dwarves or the elves, and adaptation must come quickly or find they shall find themselves swept away in the tide of progress.

So riding that tide is the Empire of Common Cause, shortened to the Empire. A coalition of what were formerly scattered kingdoms now consolidated under one rule. It is divided into provinces under the noble control of their former ruling families, though their power is now limited by the oversight of an ever expanding imperial bureaucracy manned by the people they rule. Emperor Stanislaw II is a young man, who has had to quickly grow into the role that the death of his mother has left. His hold on the provinces is tenuous, and outside influence have cause to see the empire splinter, but for now it holds, and holds under his guidance and influence.

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